Information on the products that we supply.

Product Testing & Specifications

All products from the Quarry at Simon Sand & Gravel Limited have been tested to conform with the current BS and EN Specifications. The testing of our Quarry products is carried out by an independent laboratory.

All testing is carried out to conform with the EN933-1 Part 1 Standard and below are the BS and EN specifications that our products have attained.

Grade C (Building) Sand

BS EN 12620:2002 - Tables 2,2 3 4 & 11 Cat: f3 *

*(European Standard EN 12620:2002 has the status of a British Standard)

SPA (Plastering) Sand

BS 882:1992 - Table 4M - Sand

BS 1199 - Sand for external render, internal plaster, lime undercoat and floor screeds

BS 1200 - Table 1 - Sand for general purpose mortar

Type 1 Pipe Bedding (5-15mm Chippings)

EN 13243 - Table 2

Type 1 (4/10) For all pipes of diameters less than 140mm